Weigh Yourself on a Scale

Posted on December 22, 2016 By

A typical balance of toilet is easy to use, because all you need to do is stand, and then the scale shows a number that corresponds to its weight. You will want to see the number on the scale if you want to lose fat, but perhaps you would like to see number for upstairs, if you want to gain muscle mass.

You can use the balance to control the changes in weight over time, but remember that the gain muscle and fat loss is not the only things that can affect the numbers. Of course, your body weight varies during the day, depending on what you eat. For example, foods rich in sodium can cause some people to retain liquids, they will appear temporarily in the scale and weight gain. Regular monthly hormonal changes can cause many women see their weight change due to fluid retention and swelling.

It can be very disappointing, on balance, waiting to see weight loss and weight gain instead, so don ‘t worry about it.

Instead, keep these tips in mind when you step on the scale of the bathroom:

Even if in the same scale each time. The balance is not always accurate or precise. Its scale can read a few pounds different scale of your best friend or the scale in the health club. Using the same scale each time; the actual weight changes will be needed.

Even if at the same time every day. You can find the changes of weight, a pound or two during the day to choose a time of the day that is more convenient for you and always weigh them at that time.

Use the same quantity, without clothes. If you are using a balance of the bathroom at home, you can close the door and climb in the balance in the nude. If you use a scale in the health club, you may need to keep your clothes (unless it is in the locker room), so I always use a similar weight of clothes as your office a T – shirt and shorts.

Don ‘t become a slave to the scale. It is tempting to hop on the scale each time you close – – just to see your progress – but the weight loss or gain is a slow process. To check constantly, its weight will not help you to lose weight to any faster. It even out feels disappointed when you’re waiting for rapid change.

Some people like to weigh every day, but probably many times using the bathroom scales once a week is enough to track your progress. Once you have reached your target weight, you will also need to be periodically, in case the numbers begin to go (up or down) again. That way you can get your diet on the target before winning or losing too much weight.

Do not rely on the scale as the only measure of body. There are other methods to monitor your weight, how to estimate the percentage of body fat (many scales have this incorporated), calculate your body mass index or using a tape measure to measure your waist to hip ratio, or to determine its size clothes.